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Future Direction

Future Direction Subcommittee of the Supreme Council
Polish National Catholic Church


February 1, 2017

Dear Bishops, Very Rev. and Rev. Fathers, Deacons and Faithful of our Holy Church,

As we continue in this Year of Commitment 2017 across our Holy Church this month we focus on our financial commitment to Christ and our Christian stewardship.  This is a topic that generated significant discussion at our small group break outs during our last general synod.

The Future Direction committee has created a pamphlet on Christian Stewardship in our Polish National Catholic Church.

Please feel free to copy and distribute this pamphlet to those in your parish.  If you would like to purchase printed copies, please contact the Office of the Prime Bishop.


Christian stewardship and Christian giving work hand in hand. Generosity is one of the primary ways in which Christians show the fruit of the Spirit at work in their lives. How important our faith and our parish is to us is evidenced in how we use our TIME, TALENT and TREASURE towards God’s work.



One of the ways our church is unique in its democratic structure is that the people purchase, build, and maintain their own Church property in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of the Polish National Catholic Church.   Just as our homes must be maintained and the bills paid to keep the lights on, heat working and everything running in proper order the same holds true for our spiritual homes.

Some only view the meeting of their church obligations as attending Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.  Others acknowledge that attendance at church is one of the many gifts received to enrich our lives with the Word of God and the receipt of Sacraments.    It is easy to focus on the spiritual fulfillment, knowledge and growth that is the center of our attendance.  Of course, that is the basis for learning more of our faith and advancing our relationship with Christ.   We trust the church will be there with open doors when we come to worship.

As we worship in the pews, it is sometimes difficult to be aware of the earthly concerns that impact our ability to worship:  our Pastor’s salary and health care, utility bills, organist, care of the church grounds, insurances, maintenance and repairs, mortgage, and the list continues. Do you know all Parish finances are the responsibility of the parishioners?

Many of these same items appear on our household budgets.   Imagine trying to cover these expenses with a few dollars a week and a bake sale fundraiser. None of us would even consider that a reasonable possibility.

We are also called upon to care for each other, to look for opportunities to serve one another.  It is then that we abide in Him and show gratitude for all that He has given to us and for us.


Biblical stewardship requires that a Christian view money differently from the way the secular world views it. The secular world equates affluence with success and happiness. Therefore, society constantly struggles to acquire as much wealth as possible. The Bible, however, exposes the worthlessness of such a struggle by revealing the truth about money. The Psalms proclaim, “But man, despite his riches, does not endure; he is like the beasts that perish” Psalm 49:12. No matter how much one struggles for wealth, death still awaits because money cannot add anything to one’s life.

Let us show that our heart is with Jesus by how we choose to support His Church - see Matthew 6:21



How are you doing on your parish community service projects?  Great job to Holy Trinity and St. Joseph’s Parish in Linden, New Jersey pictured above preparing cold weather packages for the homeless.  A great effort and commitment to living the Gospel mandate.  Also we are glad that Blessed Trinity Parish in Fall River made a commitment to their community by hosting a city warming center each and every Monday this winter feeding and clothing many homeless in the city.   Please do share pictures of your community outreach projects so that we may share them across our PNCC.

You should be planning your parish and/or seniorate/deanery Lenten Retreats as well.  Lent is right around the corner, as is our Prime Bishop’s Presentation on the Solemnity of the Institution of the PNCC.  That will be coming next month!

If you know of parishioners or friends who are not a part of our monthly email updates – please have them email us at FutureDirection@pncc.org to become a part of this important effort for our Holy Church.

Please keep this church-wide undertaking begun at Holy Synod in your daily prayers – asking God to bless this work and allow it to bear fruit for the building of His Kingdom through our Holy Church.  As we continue our Year of Commitment – let us show our Commitment to Christ and our Holy Catholic and Apostolic PNCC.

May God bless you and your family.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
PNCC Supreme Council Future Direction Committee
Most Rev. Anthony A. Mikovsky,  Prime Bishop
Very Rev. Robert M. Nemkovich Jr.,  Chairman


We continue to implement the five themes the Synod determined for our future direction:

  • Growth and Membership
  • Increase Spirituality
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Sacred Vocations
  • Community Involvement and Presence
Action Plan for 2017- a Year of Commitment

  1. Greater Understanding of Church Solemnities: Institution of PNCC
  2. Two Days of Retreat: Lent and Advent
  3. Complete at least four community service projects
  4. Implementing the Commitment Component
  5. Stewardship component
  6. Implement Lay Ministry Program in PNCC
  7. Continuing Adult Education
  8. Utilize Social Media & PNCC Future Direction You Tube Channel