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Future Direction

Future Direction Subcommittee of the Supreme Council
Polish National Catholic Church

The theme for our March 2018 Future Direction message is Celebrating Lent as a Family.  We are sending this out a week early as we are now in the beginning stages of our Lenten journey.  Here is a list of various ideas for you and your family to do together that will make this a more meaningful walk with Christ, an important time of renewal and growing closer to our Lord, His Church and your family.

  1. Attend the special Lenten Masses, services and retreat at your parish as a family
  2. Encourage each other in our intensified works of charity, prayer and fasting
  3. Marking the family’s calendar NOW to plan on attending the special liturgies during Holy Week together.
  4. Volunteer as a family to help those in need in whatever way is needed in your respective community
  5. Serve at or donate to a soup kitchen or soup pantry as a family.
  6. A clothing drive – 40 days 40 Items as a family
  7. Practice Kindness daily: no gossip, no complaining, complement others, be supportive
  8. Donate blood together
  9. Participate in the 30 hour famine or do one as a family
  10. Visit someone who is sick, in a nursing home or homebound as a family
  11. Offer a daily Lenten Meditation or scriptural reading as a family prior to or after the family shared meal
  12. Pray the Litany of the Passion together as a family on one day of the week.  PNCC Prayer book
  13. Praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary as a family
  14. Replace 30 minutes of screen time (TV/Computer/iPad/Smart Phone) with 30 minutes of prayer/devotion/scripture reading
  15. Pick a day during Lent to go screen free (no internet/TV)
  16. If you cannot attend stations of the cross or sorrowful lamentations as a family – then as a family pray them from our PNCC prayer book
  17. Making an almsgiving jar or collection box to collect change and money that goes to help others in some way.
  18. “Charity Starts at Home Day”–picking a special day in which each member of the family performs acts of loving service for another member
  19. Sing a Lenten hymn together as a family after a shared meal – play one from YouTube
  20. If you have younger children – coloring together Lenten pictures – downloaded and printed
  21. Read the passion together as a family – Matthew 26 & 27; Mark 14 & 15; Luke 22 & 23 and John 18 & 19
  22. Watching a movie about the life of the Lord together and discussing afterward
  23. Choose a Lenten sacrifice to do as a family i.e. not eating out, not going to a movie, concert or event during Lent.
  24. Attend a Meal in the Upper Room if one is offered at your parish as a family
    1. Share a symbolic Passover Meal as a family
    2. Meal in the Upper Room overview – Click Here 
  25. As a family prepare an Easter basket to be brought to church to be blessed or an Easter table for the priest to come and bless