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P: 203-377-9901   E: info@stjosephsofstratford.org


This is a list of all parish and community ministries and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information.

The Smile Train

An international charity that provides cleft palate surgery for children born with such condition. A mere $250.00 simple procedure can change a child’s life forever. St. Joseph’s Church has sponsored nine children since 2011.

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The Lord’s Kitchen

Serving meals to underprivileged families throughout the Bridgeport area.
Churches of the Stratford Clergy Association rotate serving the meals. St Joseph’s is rostered every 4-6 weeks, serving somewhere between 100 and 120 meals each time.


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Men’s Society (YMSR)

Chairperson: Rob Shandrowski
Tel: 203-738 8444

Secretary: Joe Shandrowski

The Men’s Society (YMSR) was created to enhance the Church’s liturgical functions, in social activities, and in support of the youth of the parish by subsidizing their attendance at retreats and convocations.

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Ladies Society

Chairperson: Nancy Sirois
Tel: 203-377 3182

Secretary: Lee Niedzielski

The Ladies Society was organized at St Joseph’s parish in 1908 and has been an essential part of the religious and social life of the parish ever since. Its spirituality is based on the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and in practical terms, on the care of the altars and the appointments needed for the celebration of the Eucharist.


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Spojnia Credit Union (PNU)

1006 Pittston Ave
Scranton, PA 18505

Tel: (570) 344-1513
Tel: 1-800-724-6352
Email: info@spojnia.org
Web: www.pnu.org

Organized on October 18, 1974 with the specific purpose of helping the members, church groups, associations and societies of the Polish National Union of America. Based on philosophy envisioned by our founding fathers “People Helping People.”

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